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A New Era of Relevance-Driven Social Marketing and Advertising


Software Built to Break Down Your Social Advertising Silos

Marketers have greater opportunity than ever before, but it comes with challenges. Your challenges shouldn't limit your ability to gain alignment across your data, marketing teams and social advertising campaigns.
The SHIFT platform provides integrated solutions that automate your workflow, help activate your data, and simplify campaign execution across social and mobile so every dollar you spend counts.

The Leading Cross-Network Social Advertising Platform for Brands & Agencies

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You're in Good Company

10 of the top 20 global brands work with SHIFT

Success Stories

The brands and agencies we work with come from a range of industries with varying objectives.
They rely on the SHIFT platform to maximize their social advertising.

Tools to Help You Drive Results

SHIFT’s platform combines proprietary marketing solutions with measurement tools to help you save time and maximize revenue.

Set Permissions

Equip your entire marketing team with access to the information needed to be successful on an individual basis

Advertise Smarter

Gain unprecedented, real-time insights into campaign performance to make informed marketing decisions

Reach Your Customers

Integrate your various data sources with marketing software to reach your audience anywhere

Simple Campaign Creation

Advanced campaign building tools save time on initiatives across all of your social channels and mobile

Automate Everything

Set custom rules and triggers to achieve alignment between campaigns and real-time data across channels and devices

Take Quick Action

Receive notification alerts on real-time opportunities for your paid, earned and owned media on one platform

Protect Your Data

Integrate and leverage your data to enhance campaign performance, while maintaining total control

Add your Choice of Apps

Every marketer's goals are different, easily integrate and customize your suite of solutions